GRC Manual of Style


This document serves as a style guide when formulating and writing documents associated with

This document may be used in whole or in part as the foundation for other style guides, as long as attribution is given. This guide is wholly derived from the following Authority Documents that serve as the backbone of most US legislative drafting guidelines:

  • Indiana General Assembly, Form and Style Manual for Legislative Measures, Sep 23, 1999

  • US Congress, House Legislative Counsel's Manual on Drafting Style, 104th Congress, 1st Session

  • Maine State Legislature, Maine Legislative Drafting Manual, 1st Edition

Many of the headlines within this document are derived directly from a Common Control, mapped by the UCF team, pointing back to the Citations and Mandates found within the documents listed above. Each headline that has a UCF Common Control ID associated with it will have that Common Control listed after it. The Common Controls can be found online by changing the “XXX” in the URL that follows to the CC ID associated with the headline.

If you have any questions about the usage of this document, please feel free to conduct the staff at We sincerely hope that this document helps foster better writing in your organization.

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